FAQ: HOPii | Your Personal Micro-Brewery
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Who are HOPii's partner breweries?

We are in talks with some of the top craft breweries as well as local craft breweries with amazing tasting craft beers. As HOPii utilizes the exact same ingredients that the breweries use to brew at their own breweries and there is no additional work, investment or risk added to join HOPii platform, and because they have many benefits such as being able to reach more craft beer lovers outside of their local town with the exact intended freshest taste quality of their craft beers, we are getting great interests from the craft breweries. But, due to legal (contractual) reasons and because we are extremely focused on quality where we will thoroughly test the craft beers and get them approved first before adding them to our list, the process may take some time to officially list them and we would appreciate your patience and support on this. We are putting so much focus on quality and testing so that you will always have the best tasting craft beers and we promise you won’t be disappointed. Current biggest limitation is number of test devices that we have and once we successfully finish Kickstarter campaign and have the funding needed to have more devices to test the craft beers with, this will improve dramatically. By the time we ship HOPii’s to your hands, you will have a great selection of quality craft beers to choose from and more varieties added every month. We promise to share with you the information as they become able to be shared. Thank you so much again for your patience and please feel free to contact us for any questions that you may have.

Last updated: October 06, 2017 12:20

What craft beers are available today?

Though we need more time to announce our brewery partnership information due to legal (contractual) reasons, we can share the status of our brewmaster’s amazing tasting craft beers! And as we still have 8 months to work on our launch readiness of awesome craft beers from both our brewery partners and our brewmaster, we will work very hard to make sure that we have a great list of the best tasting craft beers for you to enjoy by the time you receive your HOPii units!

Here are the list of our brewmaster’s first 13 craft beers that are tested, have amazing taste and ready to go for HOPii as of today :

Unnamed IPA Wicked Monkey (Citrus Pale Ale) Session IPA Hop Ale (Specialty Hazy IPA) Eben Ale (Amber Ale) Red Ale Emma’s Ale (Lager) Porter Hazy Days (Dunkelweizen) Blonde Ale Casper (White IPA) Motley Mosaic (IPA) Nugget Nectar (IPA)

Last updated: September 23, 2017 17:50

Can I brew my own craft beer with my worts inside HOPii? (UPDATED: 10/3/17)

You asked and we listened! Now, with your help to get over the stretch goal of $500K, we will provide the Brewer’s Mode, absolutely free, ONLY FOR KICKSTARTER BACKERS! Brewer’s Mode will enable Kickstarter Backers to use your own wort, ingredients and recipe to brew your craft beer at perfection! Now, you can enjoy your own craft beer as well as your favorite breweries’ craft beer on HOPii!

Please share HOPii’s Kickstarter page with your family and friends and help Brewer’s Mode come to life!

Last updated: October 03, 2017 21:36

Can I customize the craft beers?

Our intention is to deliver the original taste of the craft beers from your favorite breweries and do not encourage it, however, if you really wanted to, we cannot stop you from putting in your own flavoring (orange peel, etc) inside the ingredient tank to add your own taste to the craft beer. It’s not possible to change the ABV and IBU of the craft beer as they are already set by the brewer in the wort, however, unless you are a home brewer or an expert, you probably would not want to do this any way.

Last updated: September 23, 2017 18:08

How much does each beer kit cost?

It will depend on the craft beer, but traditional American styles should start at $20 per kit for the freshest taste of the selected craft beer. If you compare the cost, it should be fraction of the cost from the craft beers that you drink from a pub (and craft beers from HOPii will taste much fresher than ones from the pubs as you are drinking the beer from HOPii as soon as the brewing is done, it will be the freshest version of the selected craft beer you will drink). Though bottled beers may be a bit cheaper, the taste difference is so big and is much better on HOPii that the additional cost will be so worth it. Additionally, for most of the craft beers, you won’t be able to get on bottled versions at local grocery stores, especially if the brewery is not local.

Last updated: October 21, 2017 12:45

Does HOPii support voltages in non-US countries?

Yes, HOPii supports 100-240v, thus it would work in any country.

Last updated: September 23, 2017 20:14

What about the shipping prices? Will you be bringing it down? (UPDATED : 10/21/17)

Absolutely! In fact, we were just able to bring down the US domestic shipping prices by $20, from $69 to $49 and we will continue to reduce it down until right before we ship the device to you. We are also working on the same for international shipping rates and will report to you as the progress is made.

Shipping prices for both the device and the beer kits listed in this campaign are only estimates. You can be sure that we will be working very hard with the shippers until right before we ship in order to bring you the best shipping rates and pass the savings to you.

One of the biggest reasons why we will be working on this until the very end is because the shippers look for volume of business when negotiating shipping prices, in other words, more business we give them the cheaper the shipping rates become. Therefore, together with many other efforts that we will be putting in to minimize the shipping costs, we will be adding all orders from Kickstarter and post-Kickstarter sales to negotiate our best shipping rates with the shippers. Thus, more pledges that we get, the more negotiation power that we get for cheaper shipping rates negotiation and thus the reason why we will be negotiating with multiple shipping vendors until the very end to bring you the best shipping rates when we ship your products. We will be passing all the savings onto you via refund and we will be sure to work our hardest to make this happen.

Last updated: October 21, 2017 12:45

HOPii's fermentation seems too fast. How can HOPii accelerate the fermentation process and still create a great tasting craft beer?

I wouldn’t say HOPii is accelerating the fermentation process, but is giving yeast a great environment to do its thing well. On the average for traditional american ales (IPA, etc), our experience has been around 7 days, +/- some days. These are just data-based facts that we experienced from brewing over 1000 pints of various craft beers in the last year and half with HOPii. Talking to the experts, their theory is HOPii’s complete closed system, full temperature control, small batch that enables better environment with more balanced and even temperature for healthy yeast to do its thing better. On top of that, there are other things like, for example, with our dry hopping mechanism, you don’t have to wait until the dry hop sediments in the beer to fall, which also helps to save time. Technology can never accelerate mother nature, but it certainly can give better environment for mother nature to do its job better. And because HOPii is creating a better environment for mother nature to do its job better, the beer from HOPii tastes amazing. This is what HOPii does well.

Last updated: October 07, 2017 21:15

Is HOPii going to destroy the local pubs and bottled beers?

Well, no… HOPii has never meant to be a replacement of any other forms of craft beer distribution, but has always meant to be a great partner. For example, even if you have HOPii at home, if you want to go out and drink with friends, you will go to pubs. If you want to have a party, you will also buy bottled beers to drink along with the beers from HOPii. Then, when you come home from a hard day of work and want to treat yourself to the freshest taste of your favorite craft beer while watching Monday Night Football, now that’s when HOPii comes in to make you smile. As HOPii is creating a new way for breweries to distribute their beer, it will only increase opportunities for the beer industry and help the industry to grow.

Last updated: September 29, 2017 19:55

Is HOPii going to take away the fun out of home brewing?

No… You can always home brew the way that you like and enjoy the beer that you have made, while brew other people’s (breweries’) beers in HOPii in parallel and enjoy them as well at the same time! HOPii is more about giving craft beer lovers choices and for home brewers, HOPii is not a replacement of traditional home brewing but a partner.

Last updated: October 07, 2017 21:17

Will HOPii resume if a power outage happens during a brewing session?

Yes, HOPii will resume the brewing session if a power outage happens.

Last updated: October 07, 2017 21:01

Can HOPii brew lagers?

Yes, HOPii can definitely make lagers, though lagers will take much longer time. HOPii is able to support 2~30 degrees celsius temperature, thus if you wanted to make lagers, making lagers on HOPii is not a problem. In fact, we have made German lager on HOPii and it tasted amazing. (we have a footage of taste test and reaction by the original brewer of this beer recorded live in our Kickstarter video)

Last updated: October 07, 2017 21:08

When will the prices on beer kit be locked down?

Price of the beer kits will be different depending on what craft beer the beer kit is for. The reason why the price will be different is because every beer is different. For example, some beers require much more in amount and cost of ingredients (for example, different types of hops have different prices and some hops are extremely expensive. Also, some beers use a lot of hops) than others and thus these kits will probably be more expensive than others. Then, there are also payments that must be made to breweries that will be different for each brewery and beer. Demand (vs supply) can also impact the price of the beer kit as well. Thus as the pricing structure varies so much depending on criteria, the reason why it’s difficult to predict the kit price for each beer until the end and why every kit will have different prices. Until we finish all testing, quality approval and then pricing and then complete the contract, we will not know and this procedure takes time to ensure the perfect quality. Our calculation shows that “on the average”, traditional American ales should be between $20~30 but again, it will be different between different beers due to the reasons above. When we launch our product, we will have a good list of beers that you will love (and will continue growing every month) and we will be sure to deliver the best beers at the right prices.

Last updated: October 07, 2017 22:50

Do I need to purchase ingredients from you when I want to make my own beer using Brewer's Mode!

This is one of the beauties of brewer’s mode - you can use your own ingredients and anything that you wish. You are the artist and can do anything you want. There is no need to buy any ingredients from us, especially one of the biggest reasons why we decided to release brewer’s mode is because we wanted to give you the full freedom to do whatever you want to do with HOPii. So with brewer’s mode, you have full control and full freedom to make whatever you wish with whatever ingredients that you want to use, purchased from anywhere you want. :)

Last updated: October 07, 2017 22:51

Can HOPii support chilling after the brewing is done?

Yes, absolutely and in fact, HOPii will do a step better - HOPii knows what beer you are brewing and will set it to its best drinking temperature automatically so that you will get the best tasting beer when you pour the beer from the tap. HOPii is able to go down to 2 degrees Celsius in temperature, thus if needed, HOPii is able to make the beer really cold. :)

Last updated: October 07, 2017 22:55

Is HOPii's beer kit really expensive?

For the amazing experience that you are about to experience soon with HOPii, we really hope that you will not think so. It may or may not seem like it at first, especially as you do not yet have HOPii’s in your hands to experience what we are experiencing with HOPii right now. When you taste the difference when you get your HOPii, you will understand what we mean.

Also, you will see that the value for HOPii is definitely there. This is because HOPii’s beer kits offer 2 distinct values that you cannot get anywhere else :

  1. Being able to drink the craft beer from breweries that are far away from your home. Especially, these local breweries do not distribute outside of their local town, thus if you want to drink their craft beer, you will have to travel to their location. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), there are 5562 breweries in US alone and if you want to try these flavors from different regions, you will have to do a lot of travelling.. unless you have HOPii.

  2. Right now, the only people who have access to the craft beers from right out of the tank are the brewers. These truly taste completely different from anything that we have ever tried before - freshness really does make a huge difference. You deserve to be able to experience these freshest craft beers right from the tank - why settle for less? This is where HOPii comes in, and with the beer kits, you will be able to drink the freshest taste of craft beers from your favorite breweries, just like how their brewers drink them.. an experience that you may not have had access to, until now.. with HOPii.

Therefore, for craft beer lovers who really value these amazing tasting experiences, they will be able to appreciate the experiences that HOPii will bring to them, which will be priceless.

With that said, our target pricing model was to be cheaper than what you drink from the pub, but higher than bottled beers because we did not want to sacrifice the quality of the craft beer by cutting the quality of the ingredients used to reduce the beer kit price below bottled beers. As stated in another FAQ, the ingredients for amazing tasting craft beer can be very costly in terms of ingredients used - for example, hops are expensive and especially some types of hops can be extremely expensive, therefore, the approach that we have taken is that even if it may be a bit more money than bottled beers so that we can bring you the best quality ingredients and taste, it would be totally worth it. I hope we didn’t take the wrong approach because we believe craft beer is about quality than anything else.

You will see that the price difference is also very affordable. We will look at this from 3 different categories. Here are the calculations :

  1. Price of bottled beer (12oz).

A 6 pack of craft beer generally runs between $10 - $15. This equates to $1.67-$2.50 per bottle.

  1. Beers from the pub (16oz + tip)

A glass of beer from pub generally runs between 12oz to 16oz. For this example, we will just assume 16oz. The price of a glass of craft beer is generally between $7-$9 and with $1-$2 tip, your price per glass of craft beer at a pub is between $8-$11 with tip.

  1. Bigger sized bottles, Special beers, Upscale beers (22oz)

These beers can run between $5 - $25 or potentially more per bottle depending on the beer. They come in different sizes but as many are 22oz in size, we will use this for calculation purposes.

  1. Comparisons against HOPii

HOPii has 101.442oz (3L) of craft beer for $20-$30 on the average for traditional American ales (again, different depending on what the craft beer is). This is 8.4535 bottles of beer, or 6.340125 glass of 16oz that you get from pub, or 4.611 of 22oz special beers.

This will calculate to $2.37-$3.55 per bottle (12oz) if translated to bottled-beer equivalent pricing, bringing $0.70-$1.05 more compared to bottled beers. However, for the premium right-from-the-tank freshest taste experience of drinking craft beers from local breweries located far away from your house, which we believe is priceless, we believe that avid craft beer drinkers would be able to afford the difference for such a taste difference and the experience.

If translated to pub-equivalent price (assuming 16oz per glass), HOPii is $3.15-$4.73 per 16oz glass. Compared to $8-$11 per glass that you have to pay at a pub, HOPii’s beers are $5.27-$6.85 cheaper. Especially, HOPii’s beers will be much fresher because you are drinking the beer as soon as it was done brewing, right from the tank.

If translated to the special beer-equivalent, HOPii’s beers are $4.34-$6.51 per 22oz bottle. Compared to $5-$25 per 22oz bottle, HOPii’s beers are $0.66-$18.49 cheaper. Of course, for these specialty beers, HOPii’s beer kits may be a bit more expensive than traditional American ales, but still if you compare the pricing differences, HOPii’s version will be cheaper and have a much fresher taste than the bottled version of the special beer.

Therefore, in summary, HOPii brings the premium experience of the freshest taste “as soon as it’s done brewing, drinking right from the tank just like the brewers” for “best craft beers from breweries that may be too far for you to travel just to drink beer if HOPii wasn’t there”, at a price that is just a little bit more than bottled beers, but much cheaper than pubs and special beers. And for those moments that you would like to reward yourself with the most amazing tasting craft beer, for when you came home from a hard day at work or after a great round of workout and you are craving something amazing, the experience of the freshest craft beer from HOPii will be priceless. Cheers!

Last updated: October 08, 2017 01:24

Why brew with HOPii and its beer kits when you can homebrew at a much cheaper price?

Well.. not everyone knows how to homebrew… and HOPii’s beer kits are professionally made ingredients from breweries… Also, now that HOPii supports Brewer’s Mode when we surpass our stretch goal, you can ferment your worts and ingredients at perfection - HOPii would be great addition for homebrewing.

Last updated: October 08, 2017 01:32

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